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What is a Sysop?

Sysops on this wiki are administrators that help keep the website running efficiently and effectively for the benefit of Scouting.

A user with sysop rights can:

  • edit protected pages/sections (including the MeritBadgeDotOrg namespace),
  • move pages,
  • delete and undelete pages,
  • protect and unprotect pages,
  • block and unblock users, and
  • use the rollback feature.

See: [[Manual:Administrators for details.]]

Can I become a Sysop on this wiki?

Yes, absolutely! You can volunteer yourself, or be nominated. However, there are some...

Pre-requisites for Adminship

In order to be a Sysop on this wiki, you must:

  • be an actively BSA-registered Scouter; trained (and current, i.e., YPT) for the adult leader position which you are currently primarily registered; and
  • you must also be a registered, active member of MeritBadge.Net... generally, for a period of not less than six months; but, this may be lowered on a case-by-case basis. (There is a private forum on MeritBadge.Net where sysops discuss the administrative aspects of maintaining this website, which you would need to subscribe.)

If you meet these pre-requisites, some limited personal information will required (which will only be available to the Bureaucrats here and the Administrators of MeritBadge.Net) in order to complete your application, as it will verified.

Please e-mail RWSmith if you are interested (or would like to nominate somebody).

Who are the Sysops on this wiki?

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