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Basic imformation

A stub is an article containing only a few sentences of text (or, possibly even less), which is too short to provide sufficient coverage of a subject.

Sizable articles are not stubs, even if they lack wikification or copy editing. With these articles, a cleanup template is used, instead of the stub template.

Small articles with little properly sourced information or with no inherent notability may end up being deleted or be merged into another [more] relevant article.

While a "definition" may be enough to qualify an article as a stub, Wikipedia is not a dictionary. If little other information is ever likely to be added, the entry should go to our sister project, Wiktionary. The distinction between dictionary and encyclopedia articles is best expressed by the use-mention distinction: A dictionary article is about a word or phrase; an encyclopedia article is about the subject denoted by that word or phrase. Rather than copying such an article to Wiktionary yourself, you may add Template:Copy to Wiktionary to it.

Let's keep it simple here though...

  • Stub templates should always be transcluded, never substituted.
  • There's no need (at this time) to categorize stubs, other than by pagename. E.g., [[Category:Stubs|{{PAGENAME}}]]

Here's what the template {{Stub}} renders...

See also

Visit Wikipedia:Stub for a detailed explanation of what a stub is, how and when to use it, and when to remove one.

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