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This is a workpage... Workpages are pages that are under development by Administrators (Sysops), or contributors who are assisting us by improving the web site's function and ease of use. This workpage should be considered informative, rather than authoritative, unless and until it is adopted by the Administrators; as such, only Administrators should remove a workpage tag. Unlike Articles that need to be expanded, which are Scouting-related (and located in the main namespace), workpages are geared toward MediaWiki and located in other namespaces, such as, Help:, Template:, and MeritBadgeDotOrg:. Even so, you are welcome to help us work on this page. If you prefer, you can present your ideas on the talk page. Thank you -- The MeritBadgeDotOrg Administrators

What is a Bureaucrat?

  • Technically, a Bureaucrat is an also administrator, just like the Sysops; but, who also has the responsibility for:
    • managing the MediaWiki software on the server, as well as
    • guiding the administrators (which includes making Sysops and de-Sysoping)
  • A Bureaucrat's mission is to develop an environment that will attract Users and foster their desire to grow the wiki.

Who are the Bureaucrats on this wiki?

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