List of Merit Badges by Field of Study

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Animal Science, Farm Mechanics
Arts and Crafts 
Art, Basketry, Bugling, Leatherwork, Metalwork, Music, Pottery, Sculpture, Wood Carving
Business and Industry 
American Business, Entrepreneurship, Pulp and Paper, Salesmanship, Textile
Cinematography, Journalism, Photography, Theater
Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Soil and Water Conservation
Backpacking, Camping, Coin Collecting, Collections, Cooking, Dog Care, Gardening, Hiking, Home Repairs, Indian Lore, Model Design and Building, Pets, Pioneering, Radio, Rowing, Stamp Collecting
Natural Science 
Archaeology, Astronomy, Bird Study, Geology, Insect Study, Mammal Study, Nature, Oceanography, Plant Science, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Weather
Personal Development 
American Cultures, American Heritage, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Disabilities Awareness, Family Life, Genealogy, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Public Speaking, Reading, Scouting Heritage, Scholarship, Traffic Safety, Wilderness Survival
Physical Science 
Chemistry, Computers, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Nuclear Science (Formerly Atomic Energy), Robotics, Space Exploration
Architecture, Dentistry, Engineering, Inventing, Landscape Architecture, Law, Medicine, Surveying, Veterinary Medicine
Public Service 
Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, First Aid, Lifesaving, Public Health, Safety
Archery, Athletics, Canoeing, Climbing, Cycling, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Geocaching,Golf, Horsemanship, Motorboating, Orienteering, Rifle Shooting, Scuba Diving, Shotgun Shooting, Skating, Small-Boat Sailing, Snow Sports, Sports, Swimming, Water Sports, Whitewater
American Labor, Auto Mechanics, Composite Materials, Drafting, Graphic Arts, Painting, Plumbing, Woodwork
Aviation, Railroading, Truck Transportation

Note: Merit Badges shown in bold are Eagle-required.

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