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*[ Venturing Ranger Award] on the BSA site.
*[ Venturing Ranger Award] on the BSA site.
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Elective requirements

Requirement 1. Do (a), (b), or (c)
a. Complete the Boy Scout or Venturing Lifeguard requirements and hold a current certification. (Note: BSA Lifeguard certification lasts for three years from the time of certification.)
b. Complete a 45-plus-hour emergency response course or an EMT Basic course.
c. Earn the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training or Lifeguard Trainer certificate.
Requirement 2. First aid kit.
a. Help build a crew or family first aid kit.
b. Know how to use everything in the kit.
c. Teach another person or group how to make and use a first aid kit.

Source: 1999 (2006 printing) Venturer Handbook (33494C)


Requirement 2 also satisfies First Aid (Ranger Award elective) requirement 1.

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