History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement (Quest Award elective)

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*[http://www.scouting.org/venturing/awards/quest.html Venturing Quest Award] on the BSA scouting.org site.
*[http://www.scouting.org/venturing/awards/quest.html Venturing Quest Award] on the BSA scouting.org site.
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Elective requirements

Requirement 1. Study the history of the disabled sports movement (Paralympics).
  • Learn how it started.
  • When did the disabled sports movement start?
  • When and where would you find competitions for disabled athletes?
  • What disabled sports games are included in the summer and winter Paralympics?
Requirement 2. Pick a disabled sport you have an interest in and learn its history.
  • Who started that disabled sport and why?
  • How has the sport changed since its beginning?
  • What specialized equipment is used by disabled athletes?
Requirement 3. Using what you learned in requirements 1 and 2 above, plan and run a disabled sports awareness clinic for your crew, a Cub Scout den or pack, Boy Scout troop, other youth group, etc. Examples:
  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Goal ball for blind athletes
  • Sledge hockey
  • Murder ball (rugby for quadriplegics)

Source: 2003 Quest Handbook (33151)


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