History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement (Quest Award elective)

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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Sports Bronze Award]]
:* [[Sports Bronze Award]]
* [[Quest Award]]
:* [[Quest Award]]
== External links ==
== External links ==

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History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement (Quest Award elective) requirements

  1. History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement.
    1. Study the history of the disabled sports movement (Paralympics).
      • Learn how it started.
      • When did the disabled sports movement start?
      • When and where would you find competitions for disabled athletes?
      • What disabled sports games are included in the summer and winter Paralympics?
    2. Pick a disabled sport you have an interest in and learn its history.
      • Who started that disabled sport and why?
      • How has the sport changed since its beginning?
      • What specialized equipment is used by disabled athletes?
    3. Using what you learned in requirements (a) and (b) above, plan and run a disabled sports awareness clinic for your crew, a Cub Scout den or pack, Boy Scout troop, other youth group, etc. Examples:
      • Wheelchair basketball
      • Goal ball for blind athletes
      • Sledge hockey
      • Murder ball (rugby for quadriplegics)

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