History and Heritage of Sports (Quest Award elective)

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The Quest Award medal
The Quest Award medal

History and Heritage of Sports is one of the electives for the Venturing Quest Award.


History and Heritage of Sports (Quest Award elective) requirements

Do all of the following:
  1. Study the history of the Olympic movement. Learn when and how it started.
    • When did the United States Olympic movement start?
    • When did the winter Olympics start and where?
    • What were the initial games in both summer and winter Olympics?
    • In what Olympic years were there no Olympics and why?
  2. Pick a sport you have an interest in and learn the history of that particular sport.
    • Who started the sport and why?
    • How has the sport changed since its beginning?
    • What new equipment has been developed to make the sport more efficient?
  3. Make a presentation on what you learned in requirements 1 and 2 above to your crew or a pack, troop, other youth group, retirement home, etc.

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Quest Handbook, 2003 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #637685)

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