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{{Info|Serving as [[{{PAGENAME}}]] can apply towards [[Positions of Responsibility]] requirements for [[Star Rank|Star]], [[Life Rank|Life]], and [[Eagle Scout Rank|Eagle]].}}
{{Info|Serving as [[{{PAGENAME}}]] can apply towards [[Positions of Responsibility]] requirements for [[Star Rank|Star]], [[Life Rank|Life]], and [[Eagle Scout Rank|Eagle]].}}
{{Positions of responsibility
{{Positions of responsibility
|position = High-Adventure Sports <br/>Program Manager
|position = High-Adventure/Sports <br/>Program Manager
|image = Program_manager.jpg
|image = Program_manager.jpg
|method = Appointed
|method = Appointed

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Serving as High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle.
Program Manager
Selected by:Captain
Reports to:Captain

The High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager is a position of responsibility appointed by the Captain who supervises high-adventure or sports practice sessions and an activity in this field of emphasis. The High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager performs a similar function as a Venture Patrol Leader in a Boy Scout troop. He is reports to the team's captain under the leadership of the Squad Leader.

Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

The High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager is an appointed leader of the aspects of the this field of emphasis in his team. He works with an adult High-Adventure Sports Program Adviser to plan and perform primary leadership for team practice sessions and advancement events. He usually serves a 6- or 12-month term.

The High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager supervises a program event which consists of practice sessions and one or more activities such as an outdoor adventure, ultimate adventure, a tournament or a sports season. The program event planned by the program manager may be one of the following types:

  1. A long-term high-adventure excursion (once a year), or a short-term high-adventure.
  2. A sports season or activity by the team members which includes training or practice.
  3. An ultimate adventure activity with the team (this can be any event including Discovering America, Mechanics, Frontiersman, or other activity).
  4. A Big Event (a set of multiple activities held in conjunction program managers from one or all the other fields of emphasis), culminating in a high-adventure, sports activity, or ultimate adventure.

At the completion of this program, Varsity Scouts who lead or participate in one of these events earn a Varsity Scout Letter or a Varsity Scout Letter Bar and an activity pin if available (pin requirements are set by the team captain).

Multiple concurrent program managers for this field

The captain normally appoints one high-adventure/sports program manager for each leadership term. An exception would be to appoint one program manager for a short-term adventure activity (3- to 6-month timeframe), and another program manager to lead the team's annual sports season or long-term high-adventure.

Reports to


  • Helps choose the high-adventure/sports activity in which the team will participate.
  • Plans and conducts the high-adventure/sports program.
  • Maintains a schedule of all high-adventure/sports activities.
  • Helps develop and update a list of experts who can serve as consultants.
  • Coordinates any interteam (such as a Varsity Challenge) or league events.
  • Inform team members of upcoming activities.
  • Serves as an enthusiastic and responsible example for other team members.
  • Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts).
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Shows Scout spirit


The high-adventure/sports program manager seeks input from the entire team to select an activity. A program may require assistance from adult experts who may or may not be a member of the team; the program manager with assistance from the adult program adviser and team leaders, may help locate expert consultants so the team may do activities they may have not done before but would like to try.

A completed program is not just a single event. A program requires training or practice sessions that lead up to the sports season or adventure. The programs listed in the Varsity Scout Handbook's' "Program Features at a Glance" all have activity pins available, but the team may plan activities other than those listed.

Varsity Scout teams do have a long-term adventure once a year. But remember, a program does not have to be climbing mountaintops and league sports play. Things such as bowling tournaments, mechanics, shooting sports, or softball can be accomplished in three to six months.

Don't be afraid to try a Big Event. Incorporating activities of other program managers that tie into and culminate in a high-adventure or sport can increase the fun.

Working with an adult advancement program adviser

The High-Adventure Sports Program Adviser is the adult counterpart to the Scout program manager. The program adviser helps and encourages the youth program manger to:

  • Abide by the safely guidelines as printed in the Guide to Safe Scouting and "Safety in the Outdoors" pp. 61-70 in the Varsity Scout Guidebook.
  • Makes contact with people and organizations, which help Varsity Scouts learn proper outdoor techniques and sports ethics.
  • Organizes transportation and other logistical needs for all high-adventure/sports activities.
  • Fills out and fills with the council a local tour permit for all high-adventure/sports activities.
  • Is a resource for camping, high-adventure/sports activities that team members will enjoy participating in.
  • Reach out to the Varsity Scouts who do not regularly participate.


The High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager is a youth outdoor/high adventure special program leader in its unit. Other outdoor youth program leaders are:

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