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Fitness Activity
Activity Badge

Health habits learned in childhood tend to last a lifetime. The Fitness activity badge is designed to make Webelos more aware of good physical fitness, and what proper food and rest can do for him.



Do this:

1. With your parent, guardian, or Webelos den leader, complete the Health and Fitness Character Connection.
a. Know: Tell why it is important to be healthy, clean, and fit.
b. Commit: Tell when it is difficult for you to stick with good health habits. Tell where you can go to be with others who encourage you to be healthy, clean, and fit.
c. Practice: Practice good health habits while doing the requirements for this activity badge.

And do six of these:

2. With a parent or other adult family member, complete a safety notebook, which is discussed in the booklet "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse" that comes with the Webelos Handbook.
3. Read the meal planning information in the Webelos Handbook. With a parent or other family member, plan a week of meals. Explain what kinds of meals are best for you and why.
4. Keep a record of your daily meals and snacks for a week. Decide whether you have been eating foods that are good for you.
5. Tell an adult member of your family about the bad effects smoking or chewing tobacco would have on your body.
6. Tell an adult member of your family four reasons why you should not use alcohol and how it could affect you.
7. Tell an adult member of your family what drugs could do to your body and how they would affect your ability to think clearly.
8. Read the booklet Take A Stand Against Drugs! Discuss it with an adult and show that you understand the material.


Worksheet A FREE workbook for Fitness is available here! (badge.pdf PDF or badge.docx Word) with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need! Or click here to print just the Fitness requirements. has PDF and Word versions of workbooks for Scouts BSA ranks and merit badges, Cub Scouting ranks and adventures, and STEM Nova awards.

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