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<center><big>[[Fast Start Training]] is taken before [[New Leader Essentials]] and then [[Basic Leader Training]].<br>[[Fast Start Training]] is available online: [ BSA Online Learning Center].</big></center><br>
<center><big>[[Fast Start Training]] is taken before [[This Is Scouting]] (''was New Leader Essentials'') and then [[Basic Leader Training]].<br>[[Fast Start Training]] is available online: [ BSA Online Learning Center].</big></center><br>
{{The Building Blocks of New Leader Training}}
{{The Building Blocks of New Leader Training}}

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Fast Start Training is taken before This Is Scouting (was New Leader Essentials) and then Basic Leader Training.
Fast Start Training is available online: BSA Online Learning Center.

The Building Blocks of New Leader Training
Youth Protection Training
Prior to submitting Application
Capstone for Pack Trainers, Scoutmasters, and Chartered Org Reps Image:TrainedPatchSmall_cent.jpg
After completion a leader is Trained
Before the First Meeting Taken Immediately First 30 Days Completed as soon as possible Position Trained Taken when familiar with position



Fast Start Training is the first step for any new volunteer and is to be delivered immediately after a new leader registers and before he or she meets with any youth member. Fast Start training provides immediate help for the new leader by providing information and examples for planning and conducting the first meeting. This self-study training is available online, on VHS and DVD, and CD-ROM.

When new leaders are selected in Scouting, it is essential that they receive immediate information that will help them get started. Proper training lays the groundwork for success in their leadership roles. This training will help new leaders understand what is expected and establish effective meeting patterns so that the boys and their families can enjoy a quality program from the start.

As the first step in the training continuum, Fast Start Training is meant to provide all the information and resources for new leaders to conduct their first meeting, along with guidance for the meetings that follow. All new leaders receive the Fast Start materials as soon as they are recruited and are encouraged to participate in Basic Leader Training and roundtables.

Self-study, rather than group training, is the preferred method for Fast Start Training. This gives the new leader the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace.

Fast Start Training Online


Tiger Cub Den Leaders

Webelos Den Leaders

Wolf/Bear Cub Scout Den Leaders

Pack Committee

Boy Scouting (all positions)

Venturing (all positions)

ScoutParent Unit Coordinator

Unit Commissioner


Online or classroom Leader Training

Youth Protection training (YPT) is required for all BSA registered volunteers and must be retaken every two years. Some councils and units may require more frequent (e.g., annual) retaking of YPT). Check with your local council and unit to find out what their policies are.

In addition to YPT, registered adults should complete the following courses online at

  • Before the First Meeting
  • First 30 Days
  • Position Trained

Other training opportunities: RoundtableUniversity of ScoutingThe Trainer's EDGEpow wow

Outdoor Leader Training

In addition to fulfilling other requirements, some unit leaders need outdoor-specific training.

Other outdoor-related links

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