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Exploring Officers Association
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The Exploring Officers Association (EOA) is the youth leadership organization for Explorers. Explorers gain practical experience and knowledge about leadership, organizational structure, and governance. The role of the EOA—at all levels—is to provide:

  • Leadership and guidance for national, regional, area, or council Exploring programs
  • Trainings and special events
  • Input and support for national and council initiatives and activities
  • Promotion of Exploring at every level

National Exploring Officers Association

Area, region, and national EOA representatives are elected by Explorers from across the country. Only council EOA presidents are eligible to run for area, regional, and national positions.

Council Exploring Officers Association

Each post’s and club’s elected youth president is an automatic member of the council’s EOA. EOAs should meet on a regular basis to address the objectives listed above. Contact your local council to learn more about your EOA.

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