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Temporary Transition Rules for Females and First-time Joining Boys Entering Scouts BSA
  1. Beginning on February 1, 2019, youth 16 years of age or older, but not yet 18, who register as members of Scouts BSA on or before December 31, 2019 may request extensions to complete the Eagle Scout Award requirements after they turn 18 years of age.
  2. Requests for extensions must be received no later than thirty (30) days after turning 18 years of age. Only the National Council may grant extensions. The actual extension will be based upon the individual’s registration date and age at the time of the request and will provide not more than twenty-four* months from the date of initial registration to complete all requirements.
  3. In the interest of fairness, these temporary transition rules apply to all youth joining Scouts BSA during 2019–both girls and first-time joining boys.

This is quoted from https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/Implementation-Details-for-Scouts-BSA-FINAL.pdf Adobe Acrobat PDF (last modified February 5, 2019).
See also: Temporary transition rules give new Scouts BSA members the chance to earn Eagle, a January 31, 2019 article in Bryan on Scouting in Scouting Magazine

* - [Editor's note: this was originally published by BSA on October 3, 2019 as 24 months, but was changed on January 30, 2019 to 22 months. On February 1, 2019, after significant feedback from Scouters, BSA reset the maximum length of an Eagle Scout extension length back to 24 months, as was first announced in October. ]
Eagle Palm requirement resources include the Eagle Palm Application, the Eagle Palm workbook, and Merit Badge Worksheets.
Important Boy Scout topics include Active, Scout Spirit, Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review.

Eagle Palms

From top: Silver, Gold, and Bronze Palms
Eagle Scout rank


Eagle Scout is not the end but a beginning

First awarded in 1927, Eagle Palms are not a rank but an award. The requirements include earning 5 additional Merit Badges than those required for the Eagle Scout rank. There may be a time limit requirement for each Palm depending on when earned (and the rules changed in 2017). Currently, Palms earned before the Eagle board of review have no time limit, and there is a 3-month waiting period for each successive Palm earned after the Eagle board of review.

The Eagle Scout rank requires that you earn 21 of the 137 current Merit Badges. You can continue to earn Merit badges and Eagle Palms until your 18th birthday. Currently the maximum number of Eagle Palms you can earn is 23, worn as seven silver palms and one gold palm (silver is "higher" than gold). If you had less than 26 merit badges at the time of your Eagle Scout Board of Review, you would need at least 3 months for each palm for a total of 69 months, or five years and 9 months after earning Eagle, and you would need to earn Eagle no later than 3 months after your 12th birthday.

Merit Badges for Eagle Palms

Merit Badges for Eagle Palms
Any merit badges beyond those used to earn the Eagle Scout Award, and earned before or after a Boy Scout earns the Eagle Scout Award, may be applied toward requirement 4 for Eagle Palms.
Advancement Policies #33088, p. 12

Eagle Palms requirements

After successfully completing your Eagle Scout board of review on or after Aug. 1, 2017, and being validated as an Eagle Scout by the National Service Center, you will be entitled to receive an Eagle Palm for each additional five merit badges you completed before your Eagle board of review beyond those required for Eagle. In addition, all current Scouts who have completed their Eagle board of review and who had not passed their 18th birthday before Aug. 1, 2017, are entitled as well to receive Eagle Palms. For these Palms only, it will not be necessary for you to complete the requirements stated below.

After becoming an Eagle Scout and receiving the Eagle Palms you are entitled to, you may earn additional Palms by completing the following requirements:

  1. Be active in the Boy Scouts of America for at least three months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after the last Palm was earned.[1]
  2. Since earning the Eagle Scout rank or your last Eagle Palm, demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Tell how you have done your duty to God and how you have lived the Scout Oath and Scout Law in your everyday life.
  3. Continue to set a satisfactory example of accepting responsibility or demonstrating leadership ability.
  4. Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle Scout or last Palm.[2]
  5. While an Eagle Scout, participate in a Scoutmaster[3] conference.
You may wear only the proper combination of Palms for the number of merit badges you earned beyond the rank of Eagle. The Bronze Palm represents five merit badges, the Gold Palm 10, and the Silver Palm 15.

  1. Eagle Palms must be earned in sequence, and the three-month tenure requirement must be observed for each Palm.
  2. Merit Badges earned any time since joining Scouts BSA may be used to meet this requirement.
  3. For Venturers working on Scouts BSA requirements, replace "Scoutmaster" with "crew Advisor". For Sea Scouts working on Scouts BSA requirements, replace "Scoutmaster" with "Skipper".

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Scouts BSA Requirements, 2019 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #648914)

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Requirement resources

1: What does Active really mean? (it's not what you think!)
2: What does Scout Spirit really mean? (It's not what you do in your troop!)
4: Merit Badge Worksheets
4: Eagle Scout Service Project (with the Eagle Scout Project Checklist)
5: Scoutmaster Conference - Explains that you don't "pass" a Scoutmaster Conference and how to appeal.
6: Board of Review - What can they ask? How long can it be? Is the uniform really required? How do you appeal?

Eagle Palm Plan

With careful planning, a Scout can earn a dozen or more Eagle Palms. See the chart below for the sequence of palms and how they are worn:

Merit Badges Bronze Palms Gold Palms Silver Palms Adult Knot
21 Eagle Image:Eagle.gif
26 1     Image:Eagle1.gif
31   1   Image:Eagle2.gif
36     1 Image:Eagle3.gif
41 1   1 Image:Eagle4.gif
46   1 1 Image:Eagle5.gif
51     2 Image:Eagle6.gif
56 1   2  
61   1 2  
66     3  
71 1   3  
76   1 3  
81     4  
86 1   4  
91   1 4  
96     5  
101 1   5  
106   1 5  
111     6  
116 1   6  
121   1 6  
126     7  
131 1   7  
136   1 7  

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