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Cub Scout Denner
Selected by:Den Leader or Den election
Term:usually one or two months
Reports to:Den Leader and Den Chief

The Denner and Assistant Denner are the most important youth leadership positions in Cub Scouts. A denner is a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout who is elected to be the temporary youth leader of his den. All Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, as well as Webelos Dens should elect a Denner. A den may elect a new Denner every few weeks, monthly, or other term. The Denner wears the gold double-strand Denner shoulder cord No. 00368 over his left shoulder.



The Denner position provides many important benefits to the boy and to the den:

  • Each boy serves as Denner as a part of various rank requirements.
  • Denners learn about leadership and responsibility first-hand.
  • The Denner program helps give every boy a fair chance to lead.
  • Each family shares equally in helping the den leader.
  • The Denner position is preparing boys to be Patrol Leaders in Boy Scouts.
  • Scouts and parents who are allowed to help are more like to stay in Scouts.
  • Denners are recognized by being allowed to wear the Denners gold cords.


Certain ranks require that every boy serve as Denner. Also, the Denner leads the flag and opening ceremony as required for various ranks. However a popular boy who is re-elected may deny others the opportunity to learn and advance. For this reason, the Den Leader may decide that boys who have already served as Denner may not be elected again until every other boy has had a turn. Alternately, a single Denner election may be held at the beginning of the year to determine the Denner schedule for the year, with new den leaders rotating monthly or of every few weeks.

In the lower cub ranks, Denner elections may not be the best approach, as you commonly end up with each boy voting for them self, or boys getting very upset when they do not win the election. Some possibly approaches are to appoint them in alphabetical order, or by drawing names from a hat.

By Webelos age, the boys should be able to handle elections, and this will be a good lead-in for Patrol Leader elections within Boy Scouts.


The Denner (typically along with his parent or adult partner) have many important duties as assigned by the Tiger Cub Den Leader, Cub Scout Den Leader or Webelos Den Leader that may include:

  • Help with den meeting setup.
  • Lead the opening ceremony (flag, oath, law).
  • Take the Den Attendance and dues meetings.
  • Help with the meeting activities.
  • Provide simple refreshments such as cookies and cups of juice.
  • Lead the closing ceremony.
  • Help with den meeting cleanup.
  • Help with other responsibilities as assigned by the Den Leader.

Assistant Denner

The Assistant Denner assists the Denner at den meetings and fills in for the Denner when the Denner is not available. The Den Leader may establish a practice of the Assistant Denner becoming the Denner in the next term. This way the Assistant Denner can watch and learn from the Denner so that he will be ready for the next term. Using this approach, the Assistant Denner is elected each month to become the Denner the next month.

The Assistant Denner wears the gold single-strand Assistant Denner shoulder cord No. 00385 over his left shoulder.


The Denner position is unique in Scouting. Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, and Sea Scout Ships are youth-led. Dens and Packs are adult-led. The Denner does not run, plan, lead, or organize den meetings, or represent his den at Den Leader Meetings. The Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader lead the den. The Denner position is preparing the boy for these responsibilities.

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