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Boy Scout have been using Merit Badge Worksheets for years. Webelos have thier Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets. Now worksheets are available for the Cub Scouts Academic and Sports Awards too! Optional worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. Leaders and parents can quickly see if a Scout is understanding. Worksheets allow group instruction with individual attention.

Click an award name below for the current requirements. Right click on a worksheet to save or print the worksheet.

Check out these samples of some of the extra materials in the worksheets:

Email the worksheet developer with any comments or ideas:Craig.

Academics Worksheets

Cub Scout Academics Awards Worksheets US Scouts Backup Copies
Download all worksheets in a single large ZIP file Large ZIP File
Art Worksheet Art
Astronomy Worksheet Astronomy
Chess Worksheet Chess
Citizenship Worksheet Citizenship
Collecting Worksheet Collecting
Communicating Worksheet Communicating
Computers Worksheet Computers
Geography Worksheet Geography
Geology Worksheet Geology
Heritages Worksheet Heritages
Language and Culture Worksheet Language and Culture
Map and Compass Worksheet Map and Compass
Mathematics Worksheet Mathematics
Music Worksheet Music
Science Worksheet Science
Weather Worksheet Weather
Wildlife Conservation Worksheet Wildlife Conservation

Sports Worksheets

Cub Scout Sports Awards Worksheets US Scouts Backup Copies
Download all worksheets in a single large ZIP file Large ZIP File
Archery Worksheet  
Badminton Worksheet  
Baseball Worksheet  
Basketball Worksheet  
BB-Gun Shooting Worksheet  
Bicycling Worksheet  
Bowling Worksheet  
Fishing Worksheet  
Flag Football Worksheet  
Golf Worksheet  
Gymnastics Worksheet  
Ice Skating Worksheet  
Marbles Worksheet  
Physical Fitness Worksheet  
Roller Skating Worksheet  
Snow Ski and Board Sports Worksheet  
Soccer Worksheet  
Softball Worksheet  
Swimming Worksheet  
Table Tennis Worksheet  
Tennis Worksheet  
Ultimate Worksheet  
Volleyball Worksheet  


  • Right-click on a worksheet name to Save As... or Print it without viewing the worksheet on screen.
  • These worksheets are up to ten times smaller than old worksheets and should load quickly.
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