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The following materials should be of use to leaders at the Cub Scout level.


Official BSA publications

Cub Scout Resources
New Leader Brochures: Tiger Wolf/Bear Webelos Cubmaster
Applications & Reports: Youth Application Adult Leader Application Advancement Report Uniform
Online Training: New Leader Youth Protection Training Safe Swim Defense Safety Afloat
Safety Guides: Guide to Safe Scouting Safe Swim Defense Safety Afloat Climb On Safely
Other: Permission Slip Local Tour Permit National Tour Permit Fundraising
Medical Exam Forms: Annual Health and Medical Record 34605 Age-Appropriate Guidelines More forms…

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Fast Tracks

Cub Scout Fast Tracks are your first 16 Den Meeting plans for each year and are
designed to help active Cubs earn their Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scout ranks by February.

Wouldn't it be great if the past Den Leaders had left you their notes?

What if they had given you meeting plans with ideas for activities and games?

That's what the Fast Tracks are!

Fast Tracks is a series of den meeting plans (two den meetings per month) designed to be used in conjunction with the youth handbooks. By following the these plans, active Scouts can earn their Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos rank by February, usually in time for the Blue & Gold Banquet. After these meetings, Scouts continue to meet to work on other electives, Belt Loops and Pins, and other Cub Scout Awards through the rest of the year. All Cub Scouts must first earn their Bobcat Badge.

Use the Fast Tracks as-is or as a resource for your own meeting plans. MeritBadge.Org offers a wealth of other resources to get you started, Belt Loop and Pin Worksheets and Cub Scout Monthly Themes with Program Helps! Also see the Fast Tracks FAQ.

Fast Tracks Den Meeting plans by rank

Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Tracks FAQ
Do I have to use the Fast Tracks as written?
No, you don't have to use the Fast Tracks at all. You can use them as-is, as a starting point, for ideas, or not at all.
I thought we were supposed to meet every week. Why are there only two Fast Tracks per month?
The Fast Tracks can be two of your meetings for the month. A typical monthly routine might be two weekly Fast Track Den Meetings, a field trip (Go and See It), and a Pack Meeting.
Can we still do Belt Loops?
Yes, "All boys may earn belt loops... In fact many requirements naturally lead into Belt Loops & Pins:
When will the boys earn their rank each year?
Cub Scouts is a fast-paced, active program. "By following the prescribed den meeting plans as written, the boys will fulfill the requirements necessary to earn the badge of rank by the end of February."
If the Fast Tracks finish the rank by February, what do you do the rest of the year?
Earning your rank is just the first part of your program each year. Then you complete electives, arrow points, Belt Loops & Pins, and other Cub Scout Awards.
How long have Fast Track been around?
A number of local councils have had similar home-grown programs for years. The official "Fast Tracks" program has been available on since the late spring of 2008.
Will there still be Program Helps?
Yes! You can buy the Program Helps #34409 book or download the modules. The Program Helps provide great resources for the Fast Tracks. See the Cub Scout Monthly Themes.

NOTE: According to the 2010-2011 Roundtable Planning Guide, Monthly Themes will not be used beginning in 2010. [[1]] This does not neccesarily mean that Program Helps will dissapear, only that they will not incorporate the monthly themes in the same format they did before.

With Fast Tracks, do Den Leaders take on more of what the families should do?
No. For Tiger, Wolf, and Bear, it is still Akela (a parent) who signs off on each requirement. Requirements that are to be done at home are still done at home.
Can we still share leadership?
Yes. No where does it say you can't. If the Den Leader can't make a meeting, you have great notes to give to your assistant or another parent so that the show can still go on!
Can we still have Denners?
Yes! Denners are specifically included and are important to your success. Ask adult partners (parents) to take turns coordinating the meetings. Ask who has contacts with the fire or police departments, local parks, etc. When a family coordinates a meeting, their boy gets to be Denner! The Denner gets gold cords and to help with the Pledge of Allegiance, treats, setup, and cleanup.
Can I print out all 16 Fast Tracks at once?
Yes! The first link for each level's Fast Tracks is to print all 36-40 pages at once. Or, you can print just the modules you want.
What other resources are available for new Den Leaders?
See the Den Leader Getting Started Guide for much more.

See also

Cub Scout Leader portal
Webelos Den Leader portal

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CubTrax Spreadsheets

The Trax Spreadsheets are a collection of FREE spreadsheets developed by Frank Steele of Troop 615, Coastal District, Bay Area Council of League City, TX. They are for use by Scouters to keep track of advancements, awards, training, and even popcorn sales. Most are available in versions for both Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc.

The following Trax Spreadsheets are available for use at the Cub Scout level:

TigerTrax: Covers the Tiger Totem, the Tiger badge, Bobcat, and Tiger Electives.

WolfTrax: Covers Bobcat and The Wolf Badge, and Arrow Points.

BearTrax: Bobcat badge, The Bear Badge, and Arrow Points.

WebelosTrax: Covers The Webelos Scout badge, Arrow of Light, All Webelos Activity Badges, and Bobcat.

CubPatchesTrax: Covers the National awards and patches, including: BSA Family Award, Conservation Good Turn Award, Crime Prevention, Donor Awareness Patch, Emergency Preparedness Award, Historic Trails Award, International Activity Badge, Internet Scout Award, Interpreter Strip, Leave No Trace, Outdoor Activities, Physical Fitness Award, Recruiter Strip, Religious Emblems, Summertime Activities, US Heritage, and World Conservation Award, plus room for you to add up to 4 of your own regional awards.

BeltLoop&PinTrax: Covers all Academic & Sports Belt Loops & Pins

RecordTrax: This spreadsheet is intended to be your permanent record summary sheet for keeping Track of Den Records over the years. At the end of their Cub Scout careers, trying to remembering who earned the World Conservation Award as a Bear and who didn't, as well as exactly how many silver arrow points each kid in your den earned as a Wolf becomes very important when it is time to create their Career Arrows. This is the sheet you keep and update as the years go by.

EventTrax: Helps keep track of attendance at various Scouting events. Cub Scout leaders need to keep track of attendance at Summertime Activities, and District Events. They may also want to keep track of who attended Raingutter Regattas, and Pinewood Derbies, etc.

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Cub Scout Pack Organization Chart

Pack Org Chart
Chartered Organization
Chartered Organization
Local Council
Pack Trainer
Pack Committee
Assistant Cubmaster(s)
Tiger Cub Den Leader
Cub Scout Den Leader
Webelos Den Leader
Assistant Den Leaders
Adult Partner(s)*
Assistant Den Leader(s)
Asst. Webelos Leader(s)
Cub Scout Den Chief
Webelos Den Chief
Tiger Den
Wolf Den/Bear Den
Webelos Den


(*): Each Tiger Cub must be accompanied by his Adult Partner at all activities.

Additional notes
  • A Pack of 20 to 45 Scouts will typically have five dens: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1, and Webelos 2.
  • Larger Packs may have more than one den at a level.
  • Smaller Packs of 9 to 19 Scouts will typically have three dens: Tiger, Wolf/Bear, and Webelos 1/2.
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