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Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop & Pin resources include the Cub Scout Collecting Worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF
with cross-references for related Cub Scout Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos requirements.
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Boy Scouts can earn the Collections, Coin Collecting, and Stamp Collecting Merit badges.
Cub Scouts & Webelos Scouts can earn the Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop & Pin

Belt Loop and Pin
Collecting Academics Belt Loop
Collecting Academics Pin
(line drawing, actual pins are color)
Cub Scout Collecting is a great first belt loop for any level. The Belt Loop requirements are perfect for a Den Meeting or a Pack Meeting. For boys who already have the Belt Loop, encourage them to earn the Pin the second time. Boys and parents love Show and Tell night!

The Cub Scout Collecting belt loop and pin are a part of the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program. Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts may earn this award in a Family, Den, Pack, school, or community setting. Tiger Cubs must be always accompanied by their Adult partner.


Cub Scout Collecting requirements

Belt Loop Requirements

Complete these three requirements:

  1. Begin a collection of at least 10 items that all have something in common. Label the items and title your collection.
  2. Display your collection at a pack or den meeting.
  3. Visit a show or museum that displays different collections.

Academics Pin Requirements

Earn the Collecting belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  1. Give a talk about your collection to someone other than your family. Give a description of your collection, including a short history. Explain how you got started and why you decided to collect what you do.
  2. Show how you preserve and display your collection. Explain any special precautions you must take including handling, cleaning, and storage. Note precautions for dampness, sunlight, or other weather conditions.
  3. Read a book about what you collect.
  4. Start a new collection of at least 20 items. Label the items, and title your collection.
  5. Define numismatics and philately.
  6. Join a club of collectors who share your hobby. This club may be a group of your friends.
  7. Find out if there is a career that involves what you collect. Find out what kind of subjects you need to study to prepare for such a career.
  8. If you collect coins or stamps, make a list of different countries in your collection. Explain how to identify each country's issues. Make a list of "clues" that help you identify the origin.
  9. With an adult partner, visit an online auction and look for items you collect. What does it tell you about rarity and value of the things you collect?
  10. Use a computer to catalog, organize, and keep track of your collection.
  11. Help a friend get started on a collection of his or her own.

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Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide, 2015 Edition (BSA Supply No. 33216 - SKU# 620714)

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  1. Details on earning a Cub Scout Sports or Academic pin or belt loop multiple times

Requirement resources

Worksheet A FREE workbook for Cub Scout Collecting is available here! Adobe Acrobat PDF
with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need!
Or click here to print just the Cub Scout Collecting requirements. has PDF and DOC versions of
Boy Scout merit badge workbooks,
Webelos workbooks, and Cub Scout workbooks.
General Collecting Resources
Videos on Collecting - Baseball Cards - Comics - Business Cards
Collectors' Information Bureau - Intr. Scouting Collectors Assn. - Smithsonian Institution - Kids Collect
Butterfly Collecting Resources
Insect Study Merit Badge - Lepidopterists' Soc. - North American Butterfly Assn.
Coin Collecting
Coin Collecting Merit Badge - US Mint - Coin Prices Magazine - *World Coin News - U.S. Bureau of Eng. & Printing - Numismatic Collection Smithsonian
Comic Book Collecting Resources
DC Comics - Gemstone Publishing - Marvel Comics - Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
Rock Collecting Resources
Geology Merit Badge - Assn. of American State Geologists - United States Geological Survey - Rocks for Kids
Sports Card Collecting Resources
Beckett Publications - Donruss - Fleer Trading Cards - In the Game Inc. - Topps - Upper Deck
Stamp Collecting
Stamp Collecting Merit Badge - American Philatelic Society - Amer. Stamp Dealers - United States Post Office

Related awards

Tiger Cub Scout
Tiger Cub Electives
  • Tiger Elective 16, Show your collection, could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirements 1 & 2 and Pin requirement 1.
Wolf Cub Scout
  • Wolf Achievement 6b could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirement 1
  • Wolf Achievement 6c could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirement 2
Bear Cub Scout
Bear Electives
  • Bear Elective 22a could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirement 1
  • Bear Elective 22b could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirements 1 and 2
  • Bear Elective 22c could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Pin requirement 10
Webelos Scout
  • Showman Activity Badge requirement 10 could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirement 1 or Cub Scout Collecting Pin requirement 4
  • Forester Activity Badge requirement 7 could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirement 1 or Cub Scout Collecting Pin requirement 4
  • Geologist Activity Badge requirement 1 could apply towards Cub Scout Collecting Belt Loop requirement 1 or Cub Scout Collecting Pin requirement 4

Hobby Awards
Hobby-related awards

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