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|type = Academics
|type = Academics
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{{Cub Scout Academics and Sports introduction}}
{{Cub Scout Academics and Sports introduction}}

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Belt Loop and Pin
Chess Academics Belt Loop
Chess Academics Pin
(line drawing, actual pins are color)
The Cub Scout Chess Belt Loop is an option for the Webelos Scholar activity badge.
Template:Cub Scout Academics and Sports introduction


Belt Loop Requirements

  1. Identify the chess pieces and set up a chess board for play.
  2. Demonstrate the moves of each chess piece to your den leader or adult partner.
  3. Play a game of chess.

Academics Pin Requirements

Earn the Chess belt loop, and complete 5 of the following requirements:

  1. Demonstrate basic opening principles (such as development of pieces, control center, castle, don't bring queen out too early, don't move same piece twice).
  2. Visit a chess tournament and tell your den about it.
  3. Participate in a pack, school, or community chess tournament.
  4. Solve a pre-specified chess problem (e.g., "White to move and mate in three") given to you by your adult partner.
  5. Play five games of chess.
  6. Play 10 chess games via computer or on the Internet.
  7. Read about a famous chess player.
  8. Describe U.S. Chess Federation ratings for chess players.
  9. Learn to write chess notation and record a game with another Scout.
  10. Present a report about the history of chess to your den or family.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide, 2003 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #637685)

Help with these requirements

Worksheet A FREE workbook for Cub Scout Chess is available here! Adobe Acrobat PDF
with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need!
Or click here to print just the Cub Scout Chess requirements. has PDF and DOC versions of
Boy Scout merit badge workbooks, Webelos workbooks,
Cub Scout workbooks, and Nova Award workbooks.


  1. Earning the Cub Scout Chess Belt Loop while a Webelos Scout is requirement 8 of the Webelos Scholar Activity Badge.
  2. Details on earning a Cub Scout Sports or Academic pin or belt loop multiple times

Related achievements, electives, or other awards

Wolf Cub Scout
  • Achievement 10g could be met by completing Cub Scout Chess Belt Loop requirement 3 or Cub Scout Chess Pin requirement 5
Bear Cub Scout
  • Achievements 15b. and 15c. could be met by completing Cub Scout Chess Belt Loop requirement 3 or Cub Scout Chess Pin requirement 5
Webelos Scout
  • Scholar Activity Badge requirement 8 (earn the Cub Scout Chess Belt Loop while a Webelos Scout)

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