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Belt Loop and Pin
Bicycling Sports Belt Loop
Bicycling Sports Pin
(line drawing, actual pins are color)


Belt Loop Requirements

Complete these three requirements:

1. Explain the rules of safe bicycling to your den leader or adult partner.
2. Demonstrate how to wear the proper safety equipment for bicycling.
3. Show how to ride a bike safely. Ride for at least half an hour with an adult partner, your family, or den.

Sports Pin Requirements

Earn the Bicycling belt loop, and complete requirement 1 below, and so four more of the following requirements:

1. Make a chart to record at least 10 hours of bicycling. (Required)
2. Participate in a pack, den, or community bike rodeo.
3. Demonstrate how to repair a flat tire on a bicycle.
4. Make a poster illustrating different types of early bikes and show it to your den.
5. Give a demonstration to your den or pack on the proper use of safety equipment and gear.
6. With the help of a parent or adult partner, register or reregister your bicycle.
7. Go on a "bicycle hike" with your family or den. Obey traffic rules related to bicycling.
8. Repair or restore a nonfunctioning bicycle to a safe condition. Include the installation of all proper safety devices.
9. Visit a bicycle race or exhibition.
10. Help set up a bike rodeo or bike competition for your pack.


  1. Earning the Cub Scout Bicycling Belt Loop while a Webelos Scout is an option for requirement 3 of the Sportsman Activity Badge.
  2. Details on earning a pin or loop multiple times

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