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{{Webelos Badge Header|Citizen|Craftsman|}}
{{Webelos Badge Header|Citizen|Craftsman|}}
{{Otheruses|''This is the '''{{PAGENAME}} Activity Badge for Webelos Scouts'''.<br>Cub Scouts & Webelos Scouts can also earn the [[Cub Scout Communicating|Communicating Belt Loop and Pin]].<br>Boy Scouts can earn the [[Communications]] Merit Badge.''}}{{Webelos Prepare|[[Communications]]}}{{CSAS option|'''[[Cub Scout Computers|Computers]]''' or '''[[Cub Scout Communicating|Communicating]] belt loops'''}}
{{Otheruses|''This is the '''{{PAGENAME}} activity badge for Webelos Scouts'''.<br>Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can also earn the [[Cub Scout Communicating]] belt loop and pin.<br>Boy Scouts can earn the [[Communications]] merit badge.''}}{{Webelos Prepare|[[Communications]]}}{{CSAS option|'''[[Cub Scout Computers|Computers]]''' or '''[[Cub Scout Communicating|Communicating]] belt loops'''}}

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Webelos Scout Communicator activity badge (pin) resources include the Communicator worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF
and cross-references for related Cub Scout belt loops & pins and Cub Scout awards.
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This is the Communicator activity badge for Webelos Scouts.
Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can also earn the Cub Scout Communicating belt loop and pin.
Boy Scouts can earn the Communications merit badge.
The Webelos Communicator activity badge helps prepare Webelos Scouts for the Boy Scout Communications merit badge(s).
The Webelos Communicator activity badge options include earning the Computers or Communicating belt loops.

Activity Badge

The Webelos Communicator Activity Badge is one of 20 different Activity Badges that can be earned in the Webelos Scout Program. The requirements are typically worked on during den meetings or den activities while the skills are practiced at home, with the help of the Webelos Scout's family. The requirements are either completed with the den or at home with the den leader's approval. Projects are brought to meetings to share with the den and for Webelos Den Leader or Activity Badge Counselor approval.


Communicator requirements

Do seven of these:

  1. Play the Body Language Game with your den.
  2. Prepare and give a three-minute talk to your den on a subject of your choice.
  3. Invent a sign language or a picture writing language and use it to tell someone a story.
  4. Identify and discuss with your den as many different methods of communication as you can (at least six different methods).
  5. Invent your own den secret code and send one of your den members a secret message.
  6. With your den or your family, visit a library and talk to a librarian. Learn how books are catalogued to make them easy to find. Sign up for a library card, if you don't already have one.
  7. Visit the newsroom of a newspaper or a radio or television station and find out how they receive information.
  8. Write an article about a den activity for your pack newsletter or Web site, your local newspaper, or your school newsletter, newspaper, or Web site.
  9. Invite a person with a visual, speaking, or hearing impairment to visit your den. Ask bout the special ways he or she communicates. Discover how well you can communicate with him or her.
  10. With your parent or guardian or your Webelos den leader, invite a person who speaks another language (such as Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) as well as English to visit your den. Ask questions about the other language (its background, where it is spoken, etc.), discuss words in that language that den members are already familiar with, or ask about ways to learn another language.
  11. Use a personal computer to write a letter to a friend or relative. Create your letter, check it for grammar and spelling, and save it to a disk. Print it.
  12. Under the supervision of a parent or other trusted adult, search the Internet and connect to five Web sites that interest you.
  13. Under the supervision of a parent or other trusted adult, exchange e-mail with a friend or relative.
  14. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Academics belt loop for Computers.
  15. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Academics belt loop for Communicating.
  16. Find out about jobs in communications. Tell your den what you learn.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Webelos Cub Scout Handbook, 2003 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #34754 (formerly #33452))

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Worksheet A FREE workbook for Communicator is available here! (PDF or Word) with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need! Or click here to print just the Communicator requirements. has PDF and Word versions of workbooks for Scouts BSA ranks and merit badges, Cub Scouting ranks and adventures, and STEM Nova awards.

Requirement resources

1. Body Language - pp. 168-170
2. Presentation resources: - pp. 171-2

4. How we communicate: Communications - Interpersonal Communications - Telecommunications - p. 174
5. A secret code is in the Communicator Workbook - CryptoKids - National Security Agency codes, games, activities - p. 175
6. How books are catalogued - History of Cataloguing - p. 176
8. *Active Listening skills: Wikipedia - How to be an active listener - pp. 177-9

11. Microsoft Word - Great Microsoft Word tutorials - p. 187
12. How to Use Google - pp. 188-94
13. Microsoft Outlook great email tutorials. - p. 195

14. Cub Scout Computers
15. Cub Scout Communicating
16. Communications jobs resources from: Berkley, Rutgers, and Temple University

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