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Varsity Team Cocaptain
Selection:Appointed or Elected
Selected by:Team Coach (appointed) or
Youth team members (elected)
Reports to:Captain

The Varsity Team Cocaptain is a youth leader of the Varsity Scout team. Cocaptains are equivalent to the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) in a Boy Scout troop, but unlike an ASPL does not have any positions reporting directly to him. At the discretion of the Team Coach, one or more cocaptains are either appointed by the coach or elected by the youth team members. He stands in place during the absence of captain and can function as a Program Manager for any field of emphasis.


Position description

The Varsity Team Cocaptain is a youth leader in the Varsity Scout team. Reports to the captain, and stands in place of the captain in the event of his absence. One or more cocaptains may be appointed (by the coach) or elected by the team's youth members as a whole, usually to serve a 6- or 12-month term.

He maintains a positive attitude and encourages others to fulfill their commitments to the team. He strives to be a team builder and recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.

Reports to




The Cocaptain is top youth leader in its unit. Other top youth leaders are:

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