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A camporee is a district or council Boy Scout troop activity that demonstrates the techniques of living in camp. Involves a one- or two-night camping experience and may include outdoor skills competition.

Camporees are typically staffed by volunteer leaders.

From: Camporee Job Descriptions

The successful camporee requires good planning, organization, and promotion. Organization is especially important for the selection of proper personnel, and the assignment of duties can determine the success of the whole affair.

The responsibility for planning, promoting, and conducting a district or council camporee (all districts having a joint camporee with a coordinated program similar to a national jamboree) will vary somewhat according to how your council and district is organized.

Camporees are usually the responsibility of the activities committee, but might be handled by the camping committee or a special task force established just for that purpose. In no cases should commissioner staff members be given the responsibility for administering this event - their job is "to commiss."

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