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==Advancement Policies==
==Advancement Policies==
* Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures #33088 [[Advancement Policies|Key Sections Online]]   [ Full Printed Text]
* Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures #33088 [[Advancement|Key Sections Online]]   [[Bookshelf#Advancement_Policies|Printed Text]],
==Boy Scout Resources==
==Boy Scout Resources==

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The Boy Scouts of America publish a number of references online. Books and other materials are sold at your local Scout Shop or online at As a corporation, the BSA National Council has Bylaws that provide the most important rules for the corporation. Next come the Corporate Polices, then their support documents, and finally other documentation, handbooks, and manuals.

For Advancement under the BSA National Council, the precedence of documentation is: 1. Bylaws and Rules 2. Policies and Procedures 3. Other resources

Bylaws and Rules

Advancement Policies

Boy Scout Resources

Cub Scout Resources

Commissioner Resources

Other Resources

Advancement Policies
Advancement (Report) Boy Scouts (Resources) Service Projects
Rules and Regulations First Class-First Year Eagle Scout Project
 What is Scout Spirit?  Scoutmaster Conferences Lifesaving Awards
When is a Scout Active? Time Extensions Summer Camp
When is a Scout in Uniform? Boards of Review - Appeals Merit Badges, Events & FAQ
Scouts with Special Needs Advancement Campout  Cub Scouts  (Resources)
Religious Principle Courts of Honor Varsity (Resources)
Books & References  12 Steps From Life to Eagle  Venturing & Sea Scouts  
Click here for Many more Advancement Policies
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