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The Arrowhead Honor is worn immediately below the commissioner's badge of office.
The Arrowhead Honor is worn immediately below the commissioner's badge of office.
==See also==
==See also==

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Arrowhead Honor

Arrowhead Honor

A District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner or Unit Commissioner may earn the Arrowhead Honor, which is for commissioners who exhibit quality performance and leadership.

Arrowhead Honor, cloth, No. 00933, commissioner only, left sleeve on long-sleeved shirts. For short-sleeved shirt, the commissioner badge of office may be moved [up] to touch the council shoulder emblem (to accommodate the Arrowhead Honor award). Worn only with a commissioner badge of office.
Insignia Guide, #33066

The Arrowhead Honor is worn immediately below the commissioner's badge of office.

Arrowhead Honor requirements


Unit Commissioner

Complete basic training and the following projects:

  1. Visit each assigned unit eight or more times throughout the year.
  2. Fill in and follow up on Unit Commissioner Work Sheets or self-assessment forms for each assigned unit.
  3. Conduct membership and leadership inventories in each assigned unit.
  4. Attend six district commissioner staff meetings and provide the training topic for one meeting.
  5. Participate in a charter renewal meeting that results in on-time unit reregistration.
  6. Participate in a charter presentation.
  7. Attend a council commissioner conference or planning conference, or actively participate in a major council event.
  8. Help a unit resolve a specific problem or improve some aspect of their unit operations.

District/Assistant District Commissioner

  1. Work with your district executive to evaluate all commissioners you supervise.
  2. Achieve a ratio of one unit commissioner for every three units in the district or service area.
  3. Develop and put into action a suitable recruiting plan.
  4. Chair or take part actively in six district commissioner staff meetings.
  5. Attend six district committee meetings (not required for assistants).
  6. Attend a council commissioner conference or planning conference with a majority of your staff.
  7. Provide personal coaching for the commissioners you supervise.
  8. Develop and implement a plan to track and hold your unit commissioners accountable for monthly unit visits.

Roundtable Commissioner

  1. Review all current material in the Venturing Roundtable Guide, current Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide, current Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide, or the current Varsity Scout Roundtable Guide.
  2. Review all material in the Troop Program Features, Cub Scout Program Helps, Varsity Scout Game Plan, or Venturing Leader Manual.
  3. Recruit a Roundtable staff.
  4. Lead staff in preparing a 1-year roundtable outline.
  5. Supervise the staff in conducting these roundtables.
  6. With the district commissioner and district executive, develop and use an attendance promotion plan.
  7. Attend a council commissioner conference, roundtable, or planning conference.

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