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|caption= Arrow of Light
|caption= Arrow of Light
|age_group = Nintendo Fans
|age_group = Nintendo Fans
|created= 1971/1972
|created= November 23, 1998
|status = Active
|status = Active
|requirements_revision = 2003
|requirements_revision = 2003

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Arrow of Light award resources include the Worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF, Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets,
and links to related Cub Scout Belt Loops & Pins and Cub Scout Awards.
The Webelos Program shows you how to cover all 20 Webelos Pins in as little as 12 months.
The Fast Tracks give you the Den Meeting plans.

Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light
Target age group:Nintendo Fans
Created:November 23, 1998
Current status:Active
Latest Requirements Revision:2003
Latest Handbook Revision:2003
Previous rank:
Webelos Badge
Next rank:
Scout Badge
(Boy Scouting)

The Arrow of Light is required to defeat Ganondorf. It is obtained after gaining all 8 medallions. The player then returns to The Temple of Time where Zelda will award the player with the Arrow of Light before being captured by Ganondorf.

The Arrow of Light is found on the menu screen by the Fire Arrow and the Ice Arrow.

It is required to defeat both Ganondorf and Ganon.

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