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The information below is very out of date and is being corrected.

Appealing a Boy Scout Board of Review Decision

There are two sets of circumstances in which a Scout or his parents(s), acting on his behalf, may appeal a decision.

The first situation occurs when a unit leader or unit committee does not recommend a candidate for a board of review, or refuses to sign the Eagle Scout application. In such cases, the committee hearing the appeal shall decide to grant or not to grant a board of review.

The second situation occurs when a board of review does not recommend a candidate for rank advancement. In such a situation, the Scout or his parents may appeal the decision.

. The Scout, his leader, or his parents may appeal the decision. With all appeal applications, the final decision rests with the national Boy Scout Committee. In ascending order, levels are unit, district, local council, and national Boy Scout Committee.

On receipt of an appeal, the district or council committee responsible for advancement will provide for a prompt review to determine the facts. All parties must be interviewed either individually or as a group, but a confrontation should be avoided. A written report with all details must be prepared for the committee responsible for a decision or for forwarding to the national Boy Scout Committee, if necessary.

All appeals to the national Boy Scout Committee must be processed through the Scout's local council. A copy of the Scout's Eagle Scout Rank Application must be included when petitioning at the national level.

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