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Boy Scout advancement policies cover Merit Badges, Summer Camp,
Scout Spirit, Active, Special Needs, Eagle Projects, Scoutmaster Conferences,
Boards of Review, Appeals, Courts of Honor, Time Extensions, and more.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Guide To Advancement, 2015 Edition (BSA Supply No. 33216 - SKU# 620714)

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(Quoted from: Advancement Policies #33088, p. 33)

"There are two sets of circumstances in which a Scout or his parent(s) or guardian(s), acting on his behalf, may appeal a decision."

Revised in 2007 & 2008 Printing

"The first situation occurs when a unit leader or unit committee does not recommend a Scout for a board of review, or refuses to sign the Eagle Scout application. In such cases, the Scout or his parent(s) or guardian(s) may appeal the decision to the committee responsible for advancement at the next level, as described below. The committee hearing the appeal shall then grant the Scout a board of review and appoint its members. In such cases, the committee hearing the appeal shall decide to grant or not to grant a board of review."

"The second situation occurs when a board of review does not recommend a candidate for rank advancement. In such a situation, the Scout or his parent(s) or guardian(s) may appeal the decision."

"All appeals, under any circumstances, shall initially be directed to the next highest level. If the decision leading to the appeal occurred at the unit level, the appeal shall be directed to the district committee responsible for advancement. If the decision leading to the appeal occurred at the district level (i.e., an Eagle Scout board of review convened by the district), the appeal shall be directed to the council committee responsible for advancement. A decision at either level finding in favor of the Scout shall be final. Units have no right of appeal of a decision."

Revised in 2008
"If the initial committee hearing the appeal does not find in favor of the Scout, he or his parent(s) or guardian(s) may appeal that decision to the next highest level. If the initial appeal was made at the district level, the next highest level is the council advancement committee. If the initial decision was made at the council level, or if the council advancement committee upheld the unfavorable finding of the district advancement committee, the Scout or his parent(s) or guardian(s) may appeal to the national Boy Scout Committee. All requests for appeal shall be made in writing, signed by the Scout and/or his parent(s) or guardian(s), and shall set forth in detail the reasons for requesting an appeal."

"Upon initial receipt of an appeal, the district and the council advancement committee charged with hearing the initial appeal shall provide for a prompt review to determine the facts. All parties must be interviewed or written statements obtained. Confrontations between opposing parties must be avoided. The appeal review is not a second board of review and thus a unanimous decision is not required. A decision may be reached by majority vote. A written report setting out all details of the appeal and the reasons for the committee's decision shall be prepared and forwarded to the council Scout executive. A copy shall be furnished to the Scout bringing the appeal."

"Appeals to the national Boy Scout Committee shall be processed through the local council, and the local council shall furnish copies of all pertinent documentation to the national committee, including a statement of the council’s position on the matter. If the appealed issue concerns an Eagle Scout candidate, a copy of the Scout’s Eagle Scout Rank Application shall be included. If the Scout’s Eagle Scout leadership service project is at issue, a copy of his Eagle Scout leadership service project workbook shall be included. All decisions of the national Boy Scout Committee in reference to appeals shall be final."

See also

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