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[[Category:Discontinued Merit Badges]]
[[Category:Discontinued Merit Badges]]
[[Category:Original Merit Badges]]

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Angling merit badge
Status: Discontinued BSA Advancement ID: None
Created: 1911 Original/new/replaced:
Discontinued: 1951 Replaced by:


[[Category:Discontinued {{{group}}} merit badges]]

Angling is a discontinued merit badge. Angling was one of the first merit badges offered in 1911. It's name was changed to Fishing in 1951.

Merit badge requirements

1. Catch and identify at least one specimen from each of three local species of fish by usual angling methods (fly-casting, bait-casting, trolling, and bait-fishing). At least one species must be taken by fly-casting ot one by bait-casting.
2. Show proficiency and accuracy in fly-casting with the fly for distances of 30 or 40 feet, or in bait-casting for distances of 40, 60 and 70 feet.
3. Name and describe at least five standard fly patterns, or make a fly, spoon troll, plug or any other form of artificial bait lure and prove it worth by catching fish with it. Make a neat single-gut leader at least four feet long. Splice the broken joint of a rod or in some other way show proficiency in repairing broken tackle.
4. Give the open season for game fishes in his vicinity, and explain how and why they are protected by the law.

Boy Scout Requirements, ({{{1}}}) Edition The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Handbook for Boys, 1948 Edition


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