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Advancement topics include Rules and Regulations and policies regarding Cub Scouts,
Boy Scouts, Venturers, Special Needs, Scout Spirit, and What is "Active?"
Program resources are offered for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scouting.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Guide To Advancement, 2011 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #N/A)

An interactive Advancement Report Form 34403 is available

Quoted from: Advancement Policies #33088, Record Keeping, pages 26

"Each troop is responsible for keeping its own records and reporting advancement to the local council service center. This is done on an Advancement Report form. One copy is kept by the troop and two are sent to the council with an order for badges and awards. It is best that this form be submitted at least monthly so that troop records remain current and Scouts are able to receive their awards quickly after earning them. Awards cannot be purchased or awarded until the Advancement Report has been filed with the council office. A troop/team record book, maintained by the troop scribe, is available."

"At the discretion of the local council, computer-generated advancement reports may be used. If used, two copies of the computer-generated report must be submitted to the council service center. You can also use the advancement program on unit software authorized by your council for entering and submitting this report."

Quoted from: Advancement Policies #33088, Courts of Honor, p. 34

Badges of rank, merit badges, and Eagle Palms are restricted items. These items may not be sold or distributed unless the Advancement Report, No. 34403B, has been properly filled out and has been submitted to the local council office. To do otherwise will jeopardize individual youth members' record of achievement.

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