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Program Adviser

A Varsity Scout Team Advancement Program Adviser is a Team Committee member and an adult counterpart to a youth Advancement Program Manager in the Varsity Scout team. The program adviser serves as a sounding board and adviser as the youth plans and is primary leader for his program.

Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

This program adviser mets with the youth program manager. The Varsity Scout acts a primary leader by supervising one or more advancement and award activities; the adviser provides direction and encouragement for these activities. The program manager learns leadership skills by carrying out these activities, and satisfies a requirement for the Denali Award. The other Varsity Scouts on the team may also fulfill a requirement for the Denali Award by active participation in the planned event. The adviser does not need to attend the activity, but approves the activity of the primary leader and determines what is required by the other Varsity Scouts to satisfy "participation."

Worthwhile activities help the Varsity Scouts toward Eagle trail rank advancement, Varsity Scout Letter and Denali trail advancement. and Scouting awards and merit badges. Activities for the religious award may be also coordinated with the Chaplain Aide.


Appointed by the Team Committee Chairman (can be recommended by the Team Coach). The program adviser can be a parent of a youth member of the chartered organization; in smaller units, the team coach may serve as a program adviser. The chairman along with the team coach meets with the program adviser to review duties.


  • Serves on the team committee.
  • Guides and mentors the youth advancement program manager.
  • Helps the program manager establish a personalized advancement schedule for each Varsity Scout that will set goals for them to obtain the Eagle Scout Rank, Varsity Scout Letter, and the Denali Award.
  • Helps the program manager(s) reach out to Varsity Scouts who are lagging behind or not active in team meetings and functions.
  • Keeps track of advancement progress of each team member.
  • Keeps the team Coach apprised of advancement status of the team.
  • Helps set up and participate in boards of review on a regular basis.
  • Completes all training that is available for the adult Varsity Scout leader.
  • Sets an example for youth members by maintaining the principles of the Boys Scouts of America.


The advancement field of emphasis especially encourages team members to who are of lower ranks to advance to Star rank. There are no imposed deadline pressures, but instead the adviser reaches out to the Varsity Scouts not advancing, works on an advancement plan for individuals, and discusses ways to overcome advancement obstacles.

Please make yourself available to meet the youth program manager, especially for the first time meeting. It is critical to get together with a program manager very soon after he receives this new assignment. Familiarize yourself with the Varsity Scout Team Activity Planning Worksheet; make sure that the Varsity Scout completes one for "event" activities (involving team meetings), and submits it to his Squad Leader. Worksheets are not needed for advancement plans or the advancement program manager earning an individual award.

Working with the youth advancement program manager

The program manager's tenure may be as short as three months, so help him make a plan and get started right away. Depending on the organization of the team by the Coach, advancement activities for the program manager will be assigned in one of three ways:

  1. Team Secretary. This Varsity Scout will work with the team Coach and Captain to fulfill this requirement.
  2. Eagle and Denali Trail Advancement. This Varsity Scout will create/update an advancement plan with each youth member towards Eagle, Varsity Letter, and Denali, determining with each member the "next step" or impediment needing to overcome, and then planning activities that will help each Scout advance. Activities for each Scout may be complex, such as organizing a merit badge clinic needed by many boys, or providing team help with an Eagle project; or activities may be simple such as individually helping pass First Class requirements or helping a Scout get ready to meet with a councilor to pass off outstanding requirements of a merit badge.
  3. Boy Scout Awards. This Varsity Scout will organize, carryout and receive a team or individual award (other than a rank advancement), earn a merit badge as a team, or a significant activity for a religious emblem.

In addition to performing one of these three areas, the Varsity Scout is to set a good example by his own rank advancement or earning a Varsity Scout Letter, Denali Award or another Scout award. The advancement program manager will need training for conducting boards of review that occur during his tenure.


Activities should be exciting and fun for the program manager. Read the Advancement Program Manager's duties and the Varsity Scout Guidebook pp. 39-40, 47-49. Help the program manager choose from "Ideas for Advancement Activities" and the "Program Features at a Glance." Other activities may be approved by the adult program adviser that encourage advancement and allow the Scout to exercise leadership by organizing multi-step projects, making assignments, and working with Scouts and other adults.

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