2010 Historic Merit Badge Program

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A merit badge called Computers would sound just a crazy to a 1910 Boy Scout as a merit badge called Tracking sounds to Scouts today. That’s because the BSA’s list of available merit badges has evolved through the years as the interests of boys have changed.

In honor of the BSA’s 100th Anniversary, though, today’s generation of Scouts will get the unique opportunity to experience some of the activities their predecessors enjoyed. That’s possible thanks to the BSA’s new Historical Merit Badge Program, a set of four discontinued merit badges that today’s Scouts can earn.

2010 Historical Merit Badges

MeritBadge.org   BSA Website BSA Info
Carpentry Carpentry BSA Page Carpentry Packet
Pathfinding Pathfinding BSA Page Pathfinding Packet
Signaller Signaller BSA Page Signaller Packet
Tracking Tracking BSA Page Tracking Packet

The basics of the 2010 Historical Merit Badge program include:

  • The merit badges will closely resemble the original designs of the merit badges with the exception of the borders. The borders will be embroidered with a shiny gold thread that will be immediately identifiable as a 2010 Historical Merit Badge.
  • The original merit badge requirements will be used wherever possible. Exceptions will be made when current safety or social standards dictate. Adaptations can also be made for special needs Scouts.
  • The merit badges will count for towards a boy’s rank advancement.
  • Work on the badges is not to commence prior to January 1, 2010 and is to be finished no later than December 31, 2010.
  • The Supply Division will not create or reprint pamphlets for the merit badges. Any and all material will be posted to a special section of the 100th Anniversary web site that can be accessed by the interested boys and their merit badge counselors.

Original goals of the program

  • For a majority of registered eligible members to earn one or more of the badges during the Centennial year.
  • To encourage each unit, district, and council to identify qualified counselors for the badges.
  • Allow badges to be earned by individual Scouts, but encourage districts and councils to offer opportunities to work on at least some of these merit badges at summer camp or special Anniversary celebration.

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