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National Youth Leadership Society

Regarding the National Youth Leadership Society, if it's been discontinued, do we need a full list of what leadership positions counted and how many points each was worth? :) BartHumphries 09:37, November 22, 2016 (EST)

International Spirit Award

Responded to your comment on my talk page. 21:53, February 16, 2018 (EST)

Thanks for your help

Thanks very much for your help, you're making the wiki a better place. :) BartHumphries 15:46, February 22, 2018 (EST)

New Sysop: Nicouds

User Nicouds has been promoted to Sysop status. Congrats! —RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 14:39, April 2, 2018 (EDT)

Religious Emblems

I reverted back to a previous version of the Religious Emblems page because it's more up-to-date than the brochure. I followed and checked every link and updated a number of links and phone numbers which had gone out of date on that printed brochure. :) BartHumphries 17:26, October 26, 2018 (EDT)

The source for the most of the July updates I made was the 2018 Boy Scout Requirements book. Here is a PDF of the relevant pages: Religious Emblems section of the 2018 Boy Scout Requirements book (ignore the green shading; that just shows differences between the 2018 and the 2017 editions of the BSR). While the BSR is not immune to having mistakes in it, nor for things to have changed since the updates were made back in July, I'm not sure I understand the need to revert back everything rather than just fixing the places where there needed to be updates. Is there a more current definitive source of religious emblems information than the 2018 BSR?
Now that the page has been reverted, my cursory review of the changes reveals the following:
  • I had added some URLs based on updates from the BSR and based on my own research that are no longer there. In at least one case (Salavation Army) I switched a URL to point to PDF from rather than one hosted elsewhere on the internet.
  • The 2018 BSR includes some additional religious organizations (e.g., Anglican Catholic, JAINA, National Association of Anglican and Traditional Catholic Scouters, Nazarene, Sikh, and Unitarian Universalist Scouters Organization) not reflected in the reverted version
  • The BSR includes some updated phone numbers, email addresses and websites. For example, the email for the Polish National Catholic Church is incorrect in the reverted version.
  • The BSR also changed some of the titles of some of the organizations and thus the alphabetical order of them changed. For example, "Scientist Church of Christ" became "Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Scientist)"; "Roman Catholic" and "Eastern Catholic" became, respectively "Catholic, Roman" and "Catholic, Eastern".
  • Additional awards were added for many of the organizations, but those were lost in reverting
  • Not a huge thing, but I added mailto: links for all the email addresses, which were lost for all but the praypub template
  • There are now a lot of broken URLs (see list below) that I had previous recovered (e.g., many URLs in the "Sample Programs" table near the top, plus the external links).
404 Not Found	Pope Pius XII(9-12)
404 Not Found	Roman Catholic
404 Not Found	Light of Christ(1-2)
404 Not Found	Parvuli Dei(3-5)
404 Not Found	Ad Altare Dei(6-8)
404 Not Found	Religious Awards - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
404 Not Found	Religious Awards - How Do We Get Started on These Programs?
404 Not Found	Protestant [302 from]
404 Not Found	No. 05007 [301 from]
404 Not Found [301 from]
Would you be open to reverting it back and then we can make updates where needed? I'd be happy to help.
Nicouds 23:00, October 26, 2018 (EDT)
Sure, my bad, let's revert back and go through them with <ref>reference here</ref>. :) I thought you'd just used the current religious emblems brochure, which hasn't been changed in years and is really out of date. I think the official site of the group and the award text there is a better place to link to than a site. Since the organization makes up the rules for its awards, if the organization changes the rules then its own page is likely going to be a more correct version than page at BartHumphries 12:00, November 1, 2018 (EDT)

Historical aviation-related merit badges

I responded to your post about the Historical aviation-related merit badges. :) BartHumphries 11:22, November 9, 2018 (EST)

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