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  1. Do the following:
    (a)Tell how the Scout Movement began and point out on a map at least 30 countries which have Scouting.
    (b) Describe or demonstrate at least three ways in which Scouts or Explorers of most countries can recognize one another.
  2. Do the following:
    (a) Tell briefly how modern transportation and communication have "shrunk" the world during the past 100 years and have made nations more dependent upon one another.
    (b) Tell how natural resources, commerce, and trade affect a nation's economy and relationship among nations.
    (c) Find and list at least eight different everyday articles that were imported or made from different material imported from other parts of the world. Identify the counties from which these come.
  3. Do the following:
    (a) Describe the form and structure of government of one nation on each continent.
    (b) Review the story of at least three national heroes of other lands.
  4. Tell the purpose and functions of at least two international organizations of which the United States is a member (such as the Postal Union, Organization of American States, International Red Cross, United Nations, the International Court of Justice).
  5. Carry on a simple understandable conversation with another person in a modern foreign language for at least 5 minutes and translate at least 200 words of simple text in that language. (Note: A Boy Scout or Explorer is entitled to wear the Interpreter's badge for completing this requirement).
  6. Prove by deed that you belong to a world brotherhood by doing TWO of the following four deeds:
    (a) Hike or camp with boys from another country.
    (b) Make friends with new arrivals from abroad.
    (c) Help organize and conduct a World Friendship Fund campaign in your unit.
    (d) Help an organization which promotes world brotherhood, such as foreign missions and the International Junior Red Cross.

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Boy Scout Requirements, 1969 Edition
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