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Complete Requirements 1 and 2.

  1. Do a or b:
    a. Attend a live musical performance.
    b. Visit a facility that uses a sound mixer, and learn how it is used.
  2. Do two of the following:
    a. Make a musical instrument. Play it for your family, den, or pack.
    b. Form a “band” with your den. Each member creates his own homemade musical instrument. Perform for your pack at a pack meeting.
    c. Play two tunes on any band or orchestra instrument.
    d. Teach your den the words and melody of a song. Perform the song with your den at your den or pack meeting.
    e. Create original words for a song. Perform it at your den or pack meeting.
    f. Collaborate with your den to compose a den theme song. Perform it at your pack meeting.
    g. Write a song with words and music that expresses your feelings about an issue, a person, something you are learning, a point of the Scout Law, etc. Perform it at your den or pack meeting, alone or with a group.
    h. Perform a musical number by yourself or with your Webelos den in front of an audience.
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