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Hundreds of New Pages Just Added!

Would you like to have the Scout requirements right on your phone?

Now you can with the mobile version of MeritBadge.Org!

m.meritbadge.org is customized for your cell phone, Blackberry, or PDA. In the top left corner of any normal MeritBadge.org, click Mobile/PDA interface or just type in m.meritbadge.org on your phone.

The mobile version offers the requirements and details pages customized for a small screen. The ranks, merit badges, awards and more are included.

Imagine having the Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Venturing, and Varsity requirements with you any time!

The pages have limited graphics so they download fast on a mobile connection.

Help test Mobile MeritBadge.Org on your phone or PDA.

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