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  1. Using the letterpress, printing process:
    (a) Set a paragraph of type by hand from manuscript copy.
    (b) Read and mark proof correctly.
    (c) Set type from original copy for display card or advertising handbill for practical use.
    (d) Run one hundred copies of the same job on a 10x15 or smaller job press. Demonstrate the correct method of inking, setting gauge pins, use of makeready, accuracy of feeding, and washing up press.
  2. Using the silk-screen printing process:
    (a) Make a stencil screen and base.
    (b) Print at least 50 copies of a poster, greeting card, or other material.
  3. Using the offset printing process: Employing an offset duplicator or offset press, produce a finished piece of publicity, size determined by the equipment employed. This can be a newspaper, bulletin, poster, etc. The proper preparation of all material and use of illustrations in the creating of flats for photographing, and then transfering onto presensitized plates, will be don by the Scout or Explorer.

Boy Scout Requirements, ({{{1}}}) Edition The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Boy Scout Requirements, 1969 Edition
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