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Scouts BSA Handbook

Cover of the current edition
First edition:1910
Latest edition:13th Edition, 2016
BSA Supply Number:644786


This Infobox is to be used on the article pages for Handbooks. It will cause the article in question to be categorized in Category:Handbooks. However, if the program name is specified, then it will be categorized into the associated handbooks category for that program (i.e., Category:Cub Scouting handbooks, Category:Scouts BSA handbooks, Category:Venturing handbooks, Category:Sea Scouting handbooks). The example on the right shows an example of how the template is used and how it displays.

|title = 		<!-- the TITLE of the handbook (no quotation marks); the title will be italicized automatically 	-->
|program = 		<!-- the applicable name of the PROGRAM (e.g., Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting).	-->
			<!-- This is used to put the handbook into a category based on the program (e.g., Category:Cub 		-->
			<!-- Scouting handbooks).  If missing, then the handbook goes into [[Category:Handbooks]] 		-->
|image = 		<!-- Name of the image file.  Do not use include "Image:" as a prefix. 					-->
|caption = 		<!-- CPATION text; include <br /> as a prefix to get the caption below the image; text is centered 	-->
|first_edition = 	<!-- typically the YEAR the first edition was published; 						-->
|latest_edition = 	<!-- typically the EDITION NUMBER and YEAR (e.g., 14th Edition, 2019) 					-->
|BSA_Supply_Number = 	<!-- the SHOP KEEPING UNIT (SKU) # for the handbook. Hyperlinks to where the manual can be downloaded 	-->
			<!-- or purchased (e.g., from the Scout Shop or Amazon (for e-books) may be included 			-->

Template copy-and-paste

|title = Scouts BSA Handbook
|program = Scouts BSA
|image = BSHB-13th-Edition.jpg
|caption = <br>Cover of the current edition
|first_edition = 1910
|latest_edition = 13th Edition, 2016
|BSA_Supply_Number = 644786
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