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  1. (a) Make a freehand working drawing of a flask used for a bench moulding in the foundry; (b) describe same flask.
  2. (a) Show by section sketch a mould of a plate 12" long, 6" wide, 1" thick with gate and vents; (b) construct the mould.
  3. Make a perspective sketch of a pulley pattern 6" diameter, 2" face, the center to be cored 2" by use of core prints.
  4. Construct a wood pattern and core box as per the sketch outlined in Requirement 3; use shrinkage rule for the metal used, gray iron, bronze or brass. Change measurements to allow for finish all over casting and proper draft for removing pattern from mould.
  5. Describe how the cupola operates.
  6. (a) Describe a process for cleaning one of the above castings when removed from the mould; (b) clean one of the above castings.
  7. Describe the properties in sand that are best suited for foundry use and tell how to prepare sand for use.
  8. Tell what important safety precautions should be taken to protect the workers in a foundry - by the employer - by the employee.

Note: In each case when a mould is required the pattern must first be made.

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Handbook for Boys, 1948 Edition
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