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  1. Discuss with your parents (or guardians) and your merit badge counselor:
    (a) The meaning if citizenship
    (b) The importance of your home in your training for citizrnship.
  2. Submit a statement from your parents (or guardians) as evidence that you practice good citizenship at home by being courteous, fair and helpful to other members of your family.
  3. Prepare a list of your regular home duties or chores (at least five) and, for at least 1 month, keep a record of how often you do them.
  4. Discuss with your family the rights and obligations you have in a democracy as compared with those under a dictatorship.
  5. Do the following:
    (a) Make a health and safety checkup of your home and help your family correct as many hazards as possible.
    (b) Work out with your family a plan of escape in case of fire in your home.
    (c) Tell how to get help in case of accident, illness, fire, and other emergencies in your home.
  6. Do at least one major Good Turn for your home (not simply routine duties).
  7. Make a budget and keep a record of your own income and expenses for 2 months.
  8. Submit a report on a family group activity which you helped to plan, prepare for, and carry out.

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