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"Works with the patrol leader of new boys patrol in order to protect them from the abuse of the older experienced Scouts" -- ABUSE of older, experienced Scouts? Is this actually in the handbook? I'd be shocked if it was. Is there a better way to describe this rather than stating it as abuse from Scouts? EagleForumFan 04:16, December 6, 2007 (EST)

Is "Resources used for this page in 2005-2006:" necessary? I think this is an improper use of the section. Shouldn't this be used to list resources for the Troop Guide to use? Most all of those links were bad or didn't relate. I'd like to remove the two left, and add in some that would be of help to a Troop Guide. Is that proper? EagleForumFan 04:38, December 6, 2007 (EST)

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