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The Information at the top of the page reads: "Scouts may earn this award in a Family, Den, Pack, school, or community setting."

This is incorrect, and likely a copy/paste error from other belt loops. Both the archery and the BB beltloops cannot be earned except at District/council events. This is noted later in the page

--Wahooker 08:06, June 30, 2009 (EDT)

Thanks, fixed. — Milominderbinder2 (Sysop) 00:21, July 6, 2009 (EDT)

I am not sure about the red text "The Archery belt loop and pin can only be awarded by a BSA range-trained shooting-sports director."

Here are some relevant sections of the Boy Scouts of America® National Shooting Sports Manual] (30391, 2011 printing)

"Belt loops and sports pins. Archery and BB Shooting belt loops and sports pins may be earned only through council- or district-sponsored programs."
p. 41. (Section I, The Essentials, Chapter 2: BSA Shooting Sports-A Wealth of Year-Round Opportunities; Sub-section: CUB SCOUT PROGRAMS) [emphasis added]
"Chapter 9: Introduction
Archery and BB gun shooting are restricted to day camps, Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camps, council-managed family camping programs, or to council activities held on or off BSA property where there are currently trained BSA shooting sports range masters and all standards for BSA shooting sports are enforced. Archery and BB gun shooting are not to be done at the pack level.
Archery and BB Shooting belt loops and sports pins may be earned only at the camps and activities listed above."
p. 71 (Section V, Cub Scout Shooting Sports, Chapter 9: Introduction). [emphasis added]
"Archery Belt Loop and Sports Pin
Archery belt loops and sports pins may be earned only through council- or district-sponsored programs.
"See the sample certificates on page 100. Use these certificates to show that boys have met the requirements for the loops and pins. Their pack may then purchase the Archery belt loops and sports pins at their local Scout shop."
p. 79 (Section V, Cub Scout Shooting Sports, Chapter 10: Archery, Subsection: Archery Belt Loop and Sports Pin") [emphasis added]

The certificate (which, by the way, is actually not on page 100, but rather page 98), when filled out is certified by the both the "Range officer" and "adult leader or parent". There is no mention of the shooting sports director being involved in certifying that a cub scout has earned the belt loop or pin. There is no mention of "awarding" the belt loop or pin.

The certificate also states: "Present this completed certification to your council Scout shop to purchase the Cub Scout archery belt loop or sports pin." Our local scout shops (National Capital Area) have never, in my experience, required the certificate in order to purchase the belt loop or pin.

In my experience as a Day Camp Director and a Range Safety Officer (archery & BB), the packs acquire the belt loops and pins and the "presentation" of them is done by the pack at a pack event. I have heard anecdotally that there may be district/council camps where the range officer or shooting sports director may present them to the scouts while at the camp, but I do not know how common that is. I think there is some flexibility in the acquisition of the belt loops and pins and in the presentation of them to the scouts. Also, it is common around here to use the term "awarded" and "presented" in a synonymous way, which may confuse readers of the statement. I am not saying that folks are correct in using those words synonymously, but wanted to acknowledge the potential for confusion. Internet Advancement also allows the packs to enter the dates for earning the belt loop (but not the pin as IA does not support reporting of any Academics and Sports pins, just belt loops).

I would suggest that the red-bolded statement be rephrased to something along the lines of "Earning of the archery belt loop and pin can only be certified by both the archery range officer and the adult leader or parent of the cub scout." This would eliminate the reference to the shooting sports director and would avoid any confusion over whether "awarded" may be (mis)interpreted as "presented".

--Nicouds 17:59, July 13, 2012 (EDT)

I believe the section for the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award is no longer applicable. Here is what the BSA Shooting Sports Manual (Pub. 30931) says:

"Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award
The Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award, No. 34216, may be awarded to a boy whenever he achieves a level of marksmanship or excellence. The archery range master, with other leaders of the camp or event, may determine special circumstances where a unique award might be useful. The award might be given for proficiency in shooting, best sportsmanship, or for some other appropriate achievement.
"The award is available from the National Distribution Center in packages of 100."

So, there is still the award, but the criteria for earning it is not what is currently specified on this page. Even the old "Shooting Sports for Cub Scouting" (Pub. 15-330) has the same language on the award as Pub. 30391.

The workbook, too, would need updating to remove the material that is no longer applicable. The workbook at appears to reflect the current requirements accurately.

--Nicouds 18:14, July 13, 2012 (EDT)

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