Special Flag Decorations

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Special Flag Decorations - "Unofficial" Placement Guide
Special Flag Decorations - "Unofficial" Placement Guide

Special Flag Decorations

Special Flag Decorations

Gold stars (memorial). Gold stars may be affixed to the unit flag indicating members of the unit who died in the service of their country. The stars should be placed along the staff edge of the flag, parallel to the staff, with the bottom star 6 inches from the staff edge and 6 inches from the bottom edge; subsequent stars to be placed proportionately on that line, up to the place assigned to the veteran insignia, No. 11117. [Emphasis added.]

Veteran insignia. Veteran insignia is affixed to unit and local council flags midway between the top and bottom of the flag and midway between the pole and the flag emblem.

— BSA "Insignia Guide" (No. 33066, 2009-10 Edition)

Heraldic notes

NOTICE: The following section contains editorial content, and does not reflect the official policies of the BSA.

The following is strictly my personal interpretation of the precedence and application of the above rules (in line with heraldic terms/customs):

Flag emblem.
Nothing ever takes precedence over a flag emblem... not even decorations; nothing ever covers a flag emblem.
Decorations take precedence over everything, except the flag emblem.

Decorations of different types are treated with equal precedence. (Placement criteria for each "type" of decoration usually prevents one type from interfering with another.)

Gold stars do not cover the veteran insignia (or, vice versa); you simply place the gold star in the next available position.
  • Strictly open to interpretation... While I personally do not recommend this, depending on the layout of your particular unit's flag lettering, you may be able to avoid covering some flag lettering with gold stars... if you can still maintain the appearance of proportionate spacing between the gold stars.
Upper field.
No part of any gold star is ever placed in any part of the "upper field" (top half) of the flag. While not explained above, when the insignia guide is properly followed (which, is in accordance with heraldic customs), no part of any decoration "memorializing the dead" is ever placed in any part of the "upper field" of any flag... BSA, or otherwise.
Flag lettering.
Flag lettering is not a decoration, or part of a flag emblem.

Placement guide

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