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Patrol Leader Handbook

Cover of the 2017 edition
(ISBN 978-0-8395-2502-8)
First edition:
Latest edition:©2017, 2017 Printing, 152 pages
BSA Supply Number:32502

The Patrol Leader Handbook is for new patrol leaders and provides the groundwork for leading troop and patrol activities. Completely revised for 2017, it goes through how a new Patrol Leader can be an effective leader at troop meetings and on the trail.


Table of Contents

  1. Opportunity and Challenge–Welcome to the Position of Patrol Leader
  2. Building Patrol Spirit
  3. Your Patrol and Your Troop
  4. Leading Patrol Meetings
  5. Leading Patrol Activities
  6. Being a Good Leader
  7. Other Patrol Leadership Positions

Previous editions

Cover of the Patrol Leader Handbook ©2008, 2011 Printing
Cover of the Patrol Leader Handbook ©2008, 2011 Printing
  • ©2008, 2011 Printing, 128 pages

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