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Launched in September 2011, Messengers of Peace (MoP) is a global initiative from the World Organization of the Scout Movement designed to inspire millions of young men and women in more than 220 countries and territories to work toward peace. The initiative inspires Scouts from around the world to organize and participate in service projects that contribute to world peace and to share what they’ve done to inspire fellow Scouts to undertake similar efforts in their own communities.

Messengers of Peace recognition

Messengers of Peace

Messengers of Peace cloth ring emblem
SKU: 615442
Level:Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers,
Sea Scouts, Scouters

Any Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, Sea Scout, or Scouter who participates in a Messenger of Peace project qualifies for recognition as a Messenger of Peace. Any service project that has a significant impact on the community in any one of the three dimensions for peace would qualify as a Messenger of Peace project. Messengers of Peace projects include unit-level service projects, William T. Hornaday Award, and Eagle Scout service projects—any projects undertaken within a Scouting context that impact peace.

Defining Peace

In terms of the Messengers of Peace initiative, peace encompasses three dimensions:

  1. The personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality
  2. The community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict
  3. Relationships between humankind and its environment: security, social and economic welfare, and relationship with the environment

Submitting Projects

A project qualifies as a Messengers for Peace project if it meets the definition of peace given above. No one beyond the unit has to approve a project’s Messengers of Peace status. Submitting MOP-related projects is easy for BSA units. All they need to do is check the Messengers of Peace box when entering a service project through the Journey to Excellence website (

Recognition Item

Any Scout or Scouter who participates in a qualifying project is eligible to wear a Messengers of Peace ring emblem around the World Crest on his or her uniform. A unit representative can purchase these ring emblems online at (SKU: 615442) or at a local Scout shop.

Messengers of Peace Heroes Award

Messengers of Peace
Heroes Award

Level:Boy Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts,Scouters, and
Scouting Professionals between the ages of 16 and 26.
Source: WOSM: Messengers of Peace Heroes

Created in 2012, the Messengers of Peace Heroes Award recognizes Scouts and adults who do outstanding work to improve their communities, build peace and create a better world.


  • Scouts between the ages of 16 and 26
  • Scouts who have made a significant contribution to the culture of peace or community development at the local or national level
  • Nominees can have completed their project either on their own or as part of a team
  • Nominees can be selected to represent an individual or a group effort
  • Nominees must be endorsed by their national scouting organization/association


Heroes are selected based on the following criteria

  • Projects and actions inspired by Messengers of Peace, Scouts of the World, the World Scout Environment Programme, Dialogue for Peace and any other regional or national Scout initiative
  • Projects must have taken place in the last 24 months, or be ongoing
  • Service actions or projects must have had a demonstrable impact in the community
  • Demonstrated participation of the Scout or Scout group in the development and implementation of the project or action

The final decision on the award is made by a selection committee including Scouts, previous MoP Heroes, and World Scout Bureau staff from the Regional and Global level

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