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Many people have asked how they can support Well let me make one thing perfectly clear...


I do not accept monetary donations. My work on this web site is my gift to Scouting. I'm just like any other Scouter -- I have to pay. I have a full time "day" job and I make a decent salary which I am more than happy to invest in Scouting. Besides, most of the cost of running this site is blood, sweat, and tears. Those are hard things to compensate for with money. (Note: If you're wealthy and you want to give me enough so I can quit my day job and do this full time, I might be persuaded to change my mind.)

Here are several ways you can help me:

(1) Materials -- Many troops have old merit badge pamphlets and advancement materials they don't need anymore. I hope to develop an historical section and these types of materials would be very helpful. Send them to this address:

Michael Kauffmann
148 South Wilson St
Villa Rica, GA 30180

(2) Content -- I did not think up all the stuff on this site. You may find I started most of the pages and I've done a gazillion edits but many of the ideas you see here orginated from people just like you. I do not pretend to be the be all, end all of Scouting and this site will never reach its potential unless others put some serious time and effort into it.

(3) I'm thinking on it...

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