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May 2017

Starting in 2018, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called Mormons), will no longer sponsor any Varsity crews or Venturing troops.

April 2017

No more Tour Permits or Tour Plans required. They're a great idea, highly recommended, but no longer required.

1 January 2017

All Boy Scouts, regardless of rank or progress in rank, must now use the current requirements (that came out a year ago on 1 Jan 2016). Boy Scouts had the previous year to finish up whatever rank they were working on, and all Boy Scouts now get to use the current requirements (they could have used them earlier if desired, but all must now use the current requirements). The Boy Scout rank requirements have been updated with the current requirements.

Arrow of Light requirements also updated to the current (new) requirements -- all boys who could have used the old requirements should have aged out by now. Also, Wolf/Bear/Webelos/AoL main requirements edited to say that they're using the new requirements (which were effective immediately) from the program modifications document, rather than a published book.

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