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A Cubmobile is a Cub Scout powered, wooden race car. It is comparable to Soap Box Races.

Cub Scouts and adults build Cubmobiles out of wood. Races are popular as Pack, District and Council events. Instead of racing carved Pinewood Derby cars, Cub Scouts get to steer and push the Cubmobile.



Cubmobile - Cubmobiles race downhill against each other. A ramp may be required to start the cars from if no hill is avaliable

Pushmobile - A team of three Cub Scouts pushes the Cubmobile with one Scout steering.


  • Always wear a helmet.
  • A Cubmobile should have a seat belt.
  • Scouts should wear closed toed shoes.


  • The track should be a smooth-surfaced street with a gradual slope that is neither too long nor too steep. The suggested track length is about 150 feet, plus additional stopping space.
  • The lanes can be marked with chalk.
  • Cubmobiles start from a standstill, running down the ramp and the slope to the finish line. No pushing or pumping with the feet is allowed.
  • Pushmobiles start from a standstill, down the track to the finish line. Pushing is allowed by a team of 2-3 Scouts.

Related achievements, electives or other awards

Bear Elective 7: Things That Go - a. With an adult's help, make a scooter or a Cubmobile. Know the safety rules.

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