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This is the Canoeing Outline for the Boy Scout Summer Camp Merit Badge Program. The Boy Scouts of America wrote this document to assist summer camp staffs. However, with a little adjustment, this outline could easily be used at merit badge clinics and midways, camporees, and even in the troop program.

Introduction Your challenge as a summer camp merit badge counselor is to see that the Scouts who attend your session have the best opportunity to learn about canoeing. It is important that they have a positive experience. This lesson plan is designed to help you plan a logical, high-quality program. You may have to use a slightly different approach in presenting the material based on your camp resources and facilities.
Resources Be sure to utilize all the resources available to you. Many local organizations can provide you with a variety of materials and support to help you deliver the Canoeing merit badge program to Scouts.

1 Greet Scouts A. Examine all merit badge cards for the Scoutmaster's signature. Make a roster of the Scouts.
Discuss B. Review requirement 3 and have Scouts do a swim check. Sign off on requirements as they complete them.
Discuss/Demonstrate C. Discuss and demonstrate canoe and paddle parts and review canoe terminology.
Demonstrate D. Demonstrate requirements 4c-e and explain to Scouts that they will be doing this during the week.
2 Discuss/Demonstrate A. Have Scouts discuss and demonstrate requirements 5a, 5b, 5c, 6a, and 6b.
Review B. Review parts of the canoe and paddle and terminology by asking Scouts to respond for requirements 4a and 4b.
Demonstrate C. Demonstrate requirement 9 and let Scouts do this requirement.
Demonstrate D. Demonstrate requirements 7a-d, then let Scouts do the requirements.
Demonstrate E. Demonstrate requirement 8 and 6c and let Scouts do the requirement.
3 Discuss/Demonstrate A. Discuss and demonstrate requirement 5a.
Demonstrate B. Demonstrate requirement lob and let Scouts do this requirement.
Demonstrate C. Demonstrate strokes in requirement 3 and let Scouts complete this requirement.
Reminder D. Remind Scouts that they will be expected to complete requirement 3.
4 A. Give Scouts an opportunity to complete requirements not yet completed, including 1, 2a and b, 5d-h, and 10a and c.
Note B. Inform the Scoutmaster of any Scout who might not complete the badge.
5 Wrap up A. Wrap up all the requirements. Prepare the merit badge cards for the proper signatures. If any Scout does not complete all requirements, make sure that his records properly indicate the requirements that he has completed and that the Scout knows why he did not complete the badge requirements.
B. Submit necessary records to the camp program director.


Merit Badge Worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. Many worksheets also contain links to free, online video instruction.


Per the BSA: You should read the merit badge pamphlet on the subject. Merit badge pamplets are available at your local Scout Shop or online at

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